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  • Maxine James-Stewart

    I won a "free pair" of Zsa Zsa slippers they are awesome.
  • Randy Koepsel

    I LOVE my Zsa Zsa slippers !
  • Kimberly Woods

    I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous slippers, I love the comfort and glamour. My condition (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) includes that my unstable joints -my bones subluxate all the time, including my feet. When you have a pain condition, options are hard to find comfort combined with glam. These give me both. The memory foam is fantastic. Serpentining the foam the way you did will help keep the foam in tact for a long time. The uppers are cozy, but firm enough to support the laxity in my feet. They feel like pretty little hugs. I will be buying more and giving them as gifts as well. Thank you so much!
  • Sandy Cain

    Zsa Zsa Slippers rock! Beauty AND comfort all in one. If you have any foot problems, these are the slippers for you. I have bone spurs and tendonitis in both feet, and the podiatrist recommended a cushiony foot bed, with a graduated wedge heel. These just may save me from my monthly cortisone shots. I thought they'd be impossible to find - but here they are! And absolutely stunning. They remind me of the beautiful shoes that graceful geisha girls wear. Looking for a special Mother's Day gift? Look no further - Zsa Zsa Slippers will be perfect for that special lady in your life!
  • Sonya Smith

    THE most comfortable! I have bone spurs, tendonitis, hammer feet are a sorry mess, but oh, these Zsa Zsa Slippers ROCK! They have taken on the shape of my feet, and so have decreased the pain. Plus - they are stunning, I feel like royalty in them! <3D#mothersday #footissues #fashionbloggers
  • Natalie Noelle

    she is wearing the ROBIN-DISSA style, named after Robin Roberts and Mandisa for helping me OVERCOME my health issues.I love them and have been wearing them all the time. I will take a pic with them and post it
  • Regina Salpagarva

    hello from MY HOUSE , AMAZING ,and comfortable!
  • Martha Finck

    I can't tell you the gratitude I have had with wearing these slippers ! I am a nurse who works long hours and suffers from planter fasciitis! I received these slippers a few days ago and I can't tell you how good it feels to come home and skip my achy feet into these ! Thank you Zsa Zsa! I wear these daily. I love them so so much !! My feet do feel much better when I go to bed since I have had these. They don't ache anymore, and I go right to sleep instead of laying there in pain. These slippers are very therapeutic ! Plus I love the look. I get many compliments because I do wear them to the store and checking the mail. So many compliments! Lol. The thing that I have found, in order to find something that works sometimes is too of the line price ! These are worth the money for sure. Thank you again Zsa Zsa ! :)
  • Cathy Mitchell Campbell

    These are the most comfortable shoes I own and they help a lot with the pain. I love the Zsazsa Slippers. Thank you for giving me that chance on winning a free pair.
  • PamelaJean Noble

    I love how after a long day of being on the go or being in the gym I can slip these comfy guys on and relax around the house!
  • Amy Conner

    I got my FIRST pair for my birthday. I have already requested the other 2 pairs... (I've had them on for an hour) They are more comfortable than I could have imagined. I'm a short gal as well and love my wedges! These may replace several pairs in my closet...

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