Jeanne Johnson-Bennett, owner and designer of Zsa Zsa Slippers, has always had a keen interest in fashion. Jeanne was particularly attracted to intimate apparel and sleepwear. She had the feeling that there was a niche market for lingerie created for women who wanted an alternative to just sexy. With her relaxed Midwest upbringing, she dreamed of an intimate product line that harmonized sexy with comfort. A line of pajamas, robes and soft loungewear that made all women feel pretty regardless of body shape or size. A line that would remind a woman throughout her busy day that there was something beautiful and comfortable waiting to welcome her home.

Many of the women that Jeanne knew spent the day on their feet at work and/or chasing a busy family. She also noted that women often traded comfort for fashion, especially in their shoe wardrobe. How unfortunate she thought, that the reward after a hectic day on your feet was to slip them into something oversized and ill-fitting.

Jeanne decided that women deserved a home slipper that was sexy but comfortable and functional, that versatility in women’s feet was very similar to body shape and size. Inspired by hardworking women, Jeanne began to fulfill her dream in creating Zsa Zsa Slippers. 

Jeanne expanded on that dream by adding a collection of intimate apparel, pajamas and cozy loungewear that complemented her slippers with the same feeling of sex appeal and comfort. Jeanne believes a woman should feel as good as she looks. Now, Zsa Zsa Slippers is excited to announce the expansion of her line of Plus-Size lingerie and Plus-Size sleepwear – coming soon. 

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