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Comfort and Style with Zsa Zsa Slipper + #Giveaway

A woman spends the majority of her life on her feet. For me, it’s mostly chasing after my kids, grocery shopping, running errands, and doing housework. For other women, it could be taking kids to practices, volunteering, or working hard at their job. Whatever the reason, women depend on their shoes to be an example of their personal styles and maybe more importantly, comfortable. Sadly, sometimes you don’t get both. But why sacrifice when you can get the best of both worlds with Zsa Zsa Slipper.

Zsa Zsa Slipper was created by Jeanne Johnson-Bennett, for the exact same reasons stated above. She felt women deserved a slipper that’s both sexy and comfortable. Thus the Zsa Zsa Slipper was born. The Zsa Zsa Slipper comes in three designs each named after a combination of strong influential people. The DEGENE-ROSSI is named after Ellen Degeneres and her wife, Portia DeRossi for their tireless ability to make people smile. The WIN-STEEN is named after Oprah Winfrey and Joel Osteen for their lesson in faith and following your dreams. And finally, the ROBIN-DEESA, which is named after Robin Roberts and Mandissa, both artists who encourage people that can overcome any obstacle.

Each Zsa Zsa Slipper features a patented serpentine memory foam and cotton embellishments, along with a 2″ wedge heel that makes you feel sexy and confident. The style featured here is the WIN-STEEN. It’s a beautifully embellished slipper that features a mixture of gold, white, and black designs. The 2″ wedge heel features a sparkly sequin-like lining that glimmers like diamonds in the sun.

The inside of the WIN-STEEN Zsa Zsa Slipper features the patented deign of serpentine memory foam that even lines entire interior 360 degrees. It’s like walking on little diamond shaped clouds. The slipper is made with breathable cotton fabric so no matter how long you wear them, your feet will breathe easily. The bottoms are made with a durable slip-resistant rubber that takes this slipper from home-use to being perfect for running errands in. Everything about the Zsa Zsa Slipper screams style and comfort.

I love how versatile they are. I feel just as comfortable and confident wearing them while grocery shopping as I do when I wear them around my home. The 2? wedge gives me a boost and makes me feel as sexy as I would if I were wearing heels. But with the slipper, my feet don’t scream at me after a few hours. The serpentine memory foam remembers my feet perfectly like they were tailor made just for me. I love the unique design and fun colors that seem to change in different lighting. I love my Zsa Zsa Slippers!