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Va-Voom with Zsa-Zsa

Wichitan Launches Line of Luxury Slippers

An episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show”inspired Wichitan Jeanne Johnson-Bennettto follow her dream of designing a high-end house slipper.

18898_393176217541040_3402378832628206864_nThis fall, her line of slippers launches, and it offers women three styles of slippers that combine aesthetic appeal and comfort. “All the slippers out there look like bear paws,” Johnson-Bennett said. “I wanted something glamorous and feminine.”

More than four years ago, Johnson-Bennett watched on TV while Degeneres designed a makeshift pair of luxurious slippers, reminiscent of slippers from old-time movies, for actress Sofîa Vergara. In that moment, Johnson Bennett decided to make her idea a reality, and Zsa Zsa Slippers was born.

Little did Johnson-Bennett know what hard work she had ahead. First, she needed to solidify her concept. She wanted the slippers to be extremely comfortable, and she wanted them to have a platform. “I am so short that I don’t like to wear flat shoes,” she said.

After a trip to the store to purchase a memory foam rug, Johnson-Bennett designed a serpentine of foam in the sole of the slipper that lent itself to extreme comfort. Then she applied for and obtained a patent.

“It’s like a mattress for my feet,” she said. Next, she found a shoe manufacturer and began to review prototypes. “They’re pretty,” Johnson-Bennett said. “You can wear them everywhere. They are heavier duty than your average slipper; they’ll last longer, and … the more you wear it, the more comfortable it will get.”

11146614_393176244207704_1637683309035641724_nFinally, Zsa Zsa Slippers’ first three slipper models will be available for purchase this fall. The slippers feature a two-inch wedge encompassed by trendy fabrics. She named her shoe models after her favorite celebrities. For example, her Win-Steen slipper is named for Oprah Winfrey and Joel Osteen, whose inspirational words have inspired her on her journey.

Consumers can preorder slippers now at zsazsaslipper.com, where Johnson-Bennett also has a variety of sleepwear, lingerie and more for sale. Johnson-Bennett also is seeking vendors who want to sell her slippers. She hopes eventually she is able to offer men’s slippers, and she also would like to use her company to start a children’s charity.

But today, Johnson-Bennett feels relieved to see her dream come to fruition. “These slippers are more comfortable than anything that is out there right now,” she said. “We took a long time to make a well-constructed product.”

Written by Kristin Baker for Splurge Magazine.